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23 10, 2022

Low Level Laser Therapy Improves Egg Quality and Fertility

By |2022-10-23T21:31:12+00:00October 23rd, 2022|Fertility, Low Level Laser Therapy|

A major concern for women of advanced maternal age is the ability to get pregnant and maintain a pregnancy. For women over 35 years old, pregnancy and birth rates decrease while miscarriage rates increase. As struggles with fertility mount, women look for sound solutions to improve their chances for pregnancy. Women may research nutrition, herbs, acupuncture, yoga, or other options to improve egg quality and fertility, However, there is another tool, low-level laser therapy, that can be included as part of a holistic approach to improve reproductive health in women of advanced maternal age. Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is also known as photobiomodulation or cold laser therapy. LLLT is light therapy that provides therapeutic effects to the body, at the cellular and mitochondrial level. Low level laser does not cause pain, heat up, burn, or cut the tissues of the body. It is not a high-powered laser used for surgery. The light energy from the low level laser penetrates through the tissues [...]

5 04, 2017

Fertility Awareness: Learn the Signs of Fertility

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Fertility Awareness (FA) is a method that allows a woman to understand when she is fertile or infertile during her menstrual cycle by tracking changes in the cervical mucus, vaginal sensation, the cervix, and basal body temperature. These changes are influenced by fluctuations in hormones that occur during the menstrual cycle with estrogen being dominant in the first half of the cycle and progesterone being dominant in the second half of the cycle. Understanding what is happening during the menstrual cycle gives women a lot of information about their health and empowers them to make the best decisions for their health. At Health Blossoms, I often recommend Fertility Awareness for women and couples who are trying to get pregnant; for women with cycle irregularity; for women with various concerns related to hormonal imbalance, i.e., dysmenorrhea, PCOS, luteal phase defect etc.; for women coming off of the pill; for women who want to understand what’s happening during their cycle and what this may indicate [...]

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