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Health Blossoms is an integrative, holistic practice that focuses on fertility and women’s health from menses through menopause and beyond.

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What is your health story?

Are you searching for the right doctor to listen?

Today our lives are so busy with careers, or even preparing for a career, with managing homes, raising kids, or praying for a family, nurturing marriages, or praying for that special someone… that we don’t take care of ourselves. Our bodies may be telling us that we have a health need but we think it’s normal and just push through. Have you ever suffered with painful periods? Have you felt bloated after eating something? Have you felt so tired that you needed coffee to get through the day? Have you had a hard time falling asleep at the end of the day? All of these symptoms mean something! What is your body telling you and what does it mean for your health?

  • You may find yourself just wanting to feel better… to wake up with energy that sustains you throughout the day.
  • You may be a couple on a journey to try to have a baby and it has turned into a struggle and a weight on your marriage.
  • You may just be starting to have periods and want to understand what this means.
  • You may just want to have a pain free, regular, and predictable cycle!
  • You may be coming off of the pill and trying to get your cycle back.
  • You may be a mom or dad trying to figure out the best way to support your teen daughter.
  • You may be healthy and want to stay on that path.
  • You may be eating the standard American diet but want to learn more about nutritious food.
  • You may be entering menopause and have concerns about hormonal balance, bone density and heart health.
  • You may be struggling with digestive concerns.

We all have our own unique story.

What is your health story? How are you feeling today? What are your health goals?

At Health Blossoms, we want to hear your story. We’d like to guide you on your journey to optimal wellness. We believe you can be your best when you are feeling your best. Our goal is to give you personalized care with individualized health solutions based on your health history and functional assessment.

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Why Health Blossoms?

  • More than 15 years of experience

  • Healing and soothing treatment area

  • Practice focus is women’s health

  • Integrative wellness plans that incorporate naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and Arvigo® therapy

  • Individualized care based on health history and functional assessments

  • Functional assessments such as blood tests, saliva hormone tests, nutrigenomic tests, neurotransmitter tests, DNA stool tests, food sensitivity tests, food elimination/challenge etc.

  • Individualized detox diets, diet plans and recipes.

  • Convenient online dispensary

  • Customized herbal formulas

  • Customized Arvigo® topical massage oils for Self Care

  • Customized topical essential oil and organic oil blends

  • Therapeutic Grade, organic essential oils

  • Herbal combinations for bajos (vaginal steam)

  • Individualized skin care system recommendations from organic skin care lines

  • Fertility awareness with education on female anatomy and physiology

  • BioMat infrared heating pad for acupuncture and ATMAT® treatments to enhance therapy

  • Cotton linens for acupuncture and ATMAT® treatments

  • Individualized nutritional and herbal supplement recommendations

Learn How We Can Help


“Dr. McKenzie is an intelligent, peaceful, and kind spirit. Her healing touch has helped me immensely on my journey to healing. I love every treatment I’ve gotten!”


I worked with Dr. McKenzie every week for over a year and would still be a regular patient if I hadn’t moved to the east coast! Dr. McKenzie was so thorough and kind and extremely meticulous. Through acupuncture, diet and workout recommendations, I felt so much more balanced and centered and in tune with my body. Her office is also extremely peaceful and calming!!”


“I was referred to Dr. McKenzie by a friend. I live in the San Francisco Bay. Based on my friends endorsement I decided to spend the money and fly to Dallas.  My initial health concern has been joint pain and digestive issues. I also needed a more well rounded regime in regards to supplementing my diet. I am much better in regards to many digestive issues and the assessments are helping me to improve my overall well being.  I have recommended Dr. McKenzie to others because of her comprehensive knowledge of traditional and alternative assessment tools. She is patient and a very good listener. It has been worth every penny to fly to Dallas for her services.”


I initially sought care from Dr. McKenzie for the treatment of migraines. I had been suffering for nearly 8 years and had tried all sorts of treatments and remedies. Dr. McKenzie used acupuncture as well as other holistic approaches for pain relief. In addition to working through my migraines, Dr. McKenzie has also focused efforts on my preparation for and journey through pregnancy. She has offered lots of alternatives and approaches, and we have worked together to determine what fits best for my lifestyle. She is a great listener and very thorough. I feel very comfortable and trust her suggested courses of treatment, whether they are done in the office, at home, or supplements to add to my everyday routine.”


“I am 54 yrs old and came to see Dr. McKenzie in April 2016 with hypothyroidism, depression, insomnia, GERD, food allergies, cholesterol 211, pre-diabetes (fasting blood sugar 100), wt 175 lbs. I felt sickly and could tell my body was out of whack. I knew I needed help and my regular doctor through my health insurance wasn’t working well for me. This doctor only gave me more and more RXs. Now: Gerd is gone, food allergies are gone, cholesterol 135, pre-diabetes is gone (fasting blood sugar 90), insomnia is gone, wt 141.4. Depression has lifted and my mind is clear and I feel so happy and I have so much energy. The products she has recommended are wonderfully healing to the body and make you feel good after you take them. You can tell they are working. I am amazed with the results I got. Nothing is more important than your health and the quality of your life. Dr McKenzie has helped me back to health and I continue to improve. The results are amazing and nothing can compare to feeling great all the time and sleeping all night with out taking sleep aids.”


“I had cystic, painful acne and painful periods. I went on medications before for my acne and it cleared it up but then I would get digestive issues.  I take a medication for my menstrual pain. I decided I needed to try something more holistic. I found out about Dr. McKenzie from an internet search and started working with her. She helped me to understand the relationship between my digestive function and skin. She also helped me to understand my menstrual cycle better and how this influences my skin, too.  With acupuncture, diet changes, natural skin care products, and time, my skin improved and I no longer have any bumps or pain and I don’t have painful periods either. I am so glad I don’t have to take medication for the cramps anymore!”


My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for over a year. I was only 32 at the time and didn’t think I would have any problems getting pregnant. I went to Dr. McKenzie and she had me do several tests. The tests showed that my progesterone was low. She helped improve my progesterone level with herbs. I also did acupuncture weekly. It took some time but I got pregnant within about 8 months.  After this pregnancy, I continued to work with her and I had 2 more babies. The last 2 pregnancies happened quicker and more easily. My husband and I are very happy to have the family we hoped for.”


“I’ve been working with Dr. McKenzie for about 12 years. When I first went to see her, I was feeling really tired & was fairly certain that I had a candida overgrowth. Dr. McKenzie guided me through the process of knocking the candida overgrowth & also helped me overcome adrenal fatigue & thyroid issues.  Dr. McKenzie is very knowledgeable & she explains things clearly so that a non-medical person can understand. She is also gentle & soft spoken and a true pleasure to work with. My husband also appreciates her gentle spirit and what she has done to help him improve his health.”


“I sought treatment after reading several recent studies about how acupuncture can relieve hot flash symptoms for breast cancer patients being treated with hormone-suppression therapies. In those studies acupuncture was equally effective in the short-term and more effective in the long-term than medications such as Effexor. After my first acupuncture treatment with Dr. McKenzie, my hot flashes dropped from 10-12 a day to about 6-8, which was remarkable. Continued treatments have kept my hot flashes at this level even after cutting my Effexor dosage in half (prior to Effexor I was getting between 20-40 hot flashes a day). My goal is to eventually wean myself off of Effexor completely and I am hoping to attempt that once the weather has changed.”


“I was really going through a lot of health issues and I was tired of going to doctors and not getting any relief.  I wanted to try something different, so I googled and found a couple of acupuncturist but quickly decided on Dr. McKenzie after reading her Bio. So glad I did!!!!! Dr. McKenzie absolutely knows what she’s doing. I felt very relaxed and in good hands. I felt she was interested in my situation/ problem and took the time to listen and treat me with caring concern.  I highly recommend her to everyone.”


“I first started seeing Dr. McKenzie after I was diagnosed with stage 2 Breast Cancer. Dr. McKenzie prescribed supplements that helped me through the chemo and radiation therapy. It was a difficult time, but I was able to thrive and continue working throughout my treatment. The supplements and dietary recommendations were what got me through this difficult time. I am so grateful to have found her. She takes the time to explain her methods and really is an expert at what she does. I highly recommend Dr. McKenzie to anyone looking for a more holistic and natural option for your health. I always recommend her to family and friends because she does her research and is very good at what she does. She stays current with new treatments to pass along to her patients. Love her!”


I have received the ultimate patient care since choosing Health Blossoms for my overall health and wellness needs. My initial visit was due to chronic pain and debilitating symptoms from arthritis related problems. After my first visit, I was able to leave with 75% more physical mobility and strength in areas where I had painfully limited to no mobility or strength at all. This was the beginning of a complete rejuvenation of physical and emotional whole ness and wellness for me. I have been a completely satisfied patient since 2013 and have referred and will continue to refer others to Dr. McKenzie at Health Blossoms.”


I initially came to Dr. McKenzie for help with some distressing digestive issues. I had already sought help with several other practitioners, but had not yet found a satisfying permanent resolution. I told Dr. McKenzie that she was my last hope. She quickly got to work and helped me get to the root cause of my digestive issues with proper functional testing and exceptional analysis of the results. She was very thorough in developing a wellness plan of nutritional recommendations, supplements, and lifestyle changes like getting proper rest and managing stress. My digestive symptoms abated within 2 weeks! Additionally, my energy levels increased and I stopped getting regular skin breakouts. I am so grateful to have Dr. McKenzie as a health partner in my wellness journey. She is the first person I seek out when any new health challenge surfaces, which is rare these days.

I highly recommend Dr. McKenzie to anyone who is ready to feel and look their very best through holistic means. She is compassionate and super intelligent. She is able to break down complex mechanisms in an easy to understand way, which is really helpful. I always enjoy my visits with her and walk away feeling like she truly cares about my health and well-being.”


I came to Dr. Kathryn McKenzie because I wanted to get off the pill after being on it for over 10 years. I was worried about the effects on my body but also my family with the effects of PMS that the pill subdued. Dr. McKenzie was so wonderful. Not only did we set a date and prepare my body for it, we were able to track my progress after and try a number of things to make sure it was a good and healthy transition. I am so glad I am off the pill and so grateful that I had her to help me through the process. Dr. McKenzie is very knowledgeable about what she does, plus she offers a lot of different services to help with different situations.”


“I was diagnosed with IBS forty-five years ago and subsequently began experiencing serious bouts of colitis. After consulting with numerous specialists who could not help me, I found Dr. McKenzie. She worked with me on diet, helping me identify trigger foods. She also taught me a special massage technique (Arvigo® therapy) and did acupuncture and cupping. Within weeks, I felt better than I had felt in decades. Her office is a serene haven and her manner is gentle and engaging. Dr. McKenzie has the touch of a natural, intuitive healer. I am impressed with the depth and breadth of her knowledge and her willingness to give all the time and attention her patients need. She is a wonder, and I will be forever grateful to her.”


“I visited Dr. McKenzie upon a recommendation from a friend. My health has always been very important to me. I wanted to become all natural and get off of any prescriptions. I was experiencing pain in my knees, feet and in my lower back. I did not want to start on any prescription drugs for pain as I do not want any kind of addictions. Since I have started with Dr. McKenzie I feel better than I have felt since my early 30’s…”


“I came to see Dr. McKenzie because I was in chronic pain due to rheumatoid arthritis.  I’m happy to say that my health has improved while in her care thanks to her supplement recommendations and acupuncture. I don’t have to take any medications thanks to Dr. McKenzie. She is a wonderful doctor who is very caring and her goal is to get you in the best of health. I’m so blessed to have her as my doctor.”


“I initially tried acupuncture to help balance my hormones after several rounds of IVF treatments that had left me overweight and with everything from hot flashes to heavy periods. Because of my acupuncture treatments with Dr. McKenzie, I was able to stop taking medicine for my periods, and stopped having hot flashes. Regular acupuncture has also helped with reducing my stress, reducing allergy symptoms, and weight loss. Dr. McKenzie does an excellent job of listening to my concerns and designs my treatments to address whatever issues I may be experiencing.”


“I originally found Dr. McKenzie through inter net searches. I wanted to try acupuncture and wanted to see if I could find holistic treatment for Graves Disease and high blood pressure. Dr. McKenzie is by far one of the most nurturing and compassionate doctors that I have ever had. From my first acupuncture treatment, I saw marked improvement in my overall physical and emotional health. I even tried cupping to see if I could eliminate some unwanted belly fat while also treating my internal organs and it worked! I have also tried the Arvigo® Therapy which has a great calming effect on my overall being. During some of my acupuncture treatments I also had a castor oil pack. The packs are great for working on my belly fat and to de-stress. The ear beads (auricular acupuncture) are amazing!  Whenever I feel stressed, I can rub the beads and instantly feel a sense of calm. I highly recommend Dr. McKenzie and the host of treatments, all of which she recommended for me!”


Acupuncture has been so beneficial for me.  It has not only helped me by improving my digestion and relieving muscle tension but it has also helped me to totally relax and unwind.  After an acupuncture treatment, I feel like a new person, totally refreshed! Dr. McKenzie’s office is so calming that when I walk through the door I already start to relax.  Her professionalism and calming spirit further relaxes me before the treatment begins.  I recommended my mother to Dr. McKenzie and my mom loves her calming spirit!! My mom gets so relaxed during her treatments that she falls asleep! This is the only time I think my mom truly relaxes and gets relief from stress.”


I’ve been a patient of Dr. McKenzie since she first started practicing, so more than 15 years! She has guided me through my 20s, 30s, and now 40s.  Over this time Dr. McKenzie has helped me with so much! She worked with me to better manage my IBS and acid reflux, lose weight and detox in a healthy way, uplift my mood, relieve period cramps, and get off the pill and other medications to prepare for pregnancy. For all of these concerns she always stressed the importance of my diet and eating seasonally.  In addition, she recommended herbs and nutrients that matched my specific needs.  I understand so much more about feminine health, my cycle and how to take care of my body. I really appreciate her guidance in preparing for, during, and after my pregnancy.  Dr. McKenzie recommended supplements to support my egg quality and hormone balance and with her guidance I had my first baby at 42!”